The Greatest Quotes From Your Favorite ‘Dazed and Confused’ Characters

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Richard Linklater is still being celebrated for his groundbreaking film Boyhood, but looking back you’ll realize that he’s been breaking ground from the start. In 1993, two years after his first theatrical release and independent darling Slacker, he found mainstream success with Dazed and Confused, a rollicking joyride of a comedy about Texas teens celebrating the end of the school year through a haze of weed, beer and, well, hazing. So much more complex than just a simple stoner movie, what is amazing about D&C is how deftly its novice filmmaker managed to juggle such a large ensemble cast, leaving all the young characters’ storylines with a complete arc. Part of that came from the script’s sharp dialogue, and here we remember the best quotes from the kids and some of the adults shaping their journey along the way.

Greatest Quotes From Dazed and Confused Characters

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