Is This the Ghost of a Person Killed at Pocatello High School Roaming Its Halls?

Do you believe in ghosts? How about evil spirits? Even if you answered "no" to those questions, I'd be willing to bet that you wouldn't want to spend a night alone in Idaho's Pocatello High School. In the video footage above of Pokey High over winter break, the otherwise empty hallways seem to be visited by a mysterious translucent figure. Couple that with the fact that the lights mysteriously keep going on and off, and that makes for a very creepy situation. According to officials of the school, these strange occurrences are nothing new at Pocatello. Reports of strange sounds such as whispers and a piano playing on its own are common, and some students and faculty are afraid to be left alone in the school's theater. Paranormal investigators examined the history of the high school, discovering that six deaths have taken place there and that the entire school was burnt down and rebuilt in the early 1900s. So, is Pocatello High School haunted? Is that ghostly figure in the video above the spirit of one of the people killed there? If not, then what the hell is that thing that appears to walk toward a door and then away from it? Because it sure doesn't look like the overnight janitor. Related: 10 Mysterious Photos That Are Sure to Creep You Out


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