Wildest Rider Requests of A-list Musicians

If you were touring the world and allowed to ask to be supplied with anything with your heart desires, what would make your rider list? See some of the strangest requests from A-listers … from downright odd items to ridiculously costly ones.
No typical sweat rag will do for Kanye, who will only let imported, recut Versace towels touch his face. West is a stickler when it comes to materials — his drivers can only wear clothes made out of 100% cotton — nothing synthetic.
What do you get when you pack 20 white kittens, 100 white doves, a bottle of Cristal with a bendy straw and an attendant solely responsible for disposing of chewing gum onto a tour bus? Mariah Carey’s rider.
Gaga’s requests include staples like water of a certain temperature, and wine of a certain quality. Oh, and also a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair…
Within the 18 pages of rider requests Iggy Pop has while on tour, highlights include seven “short people” dressed up as Snow White characters, an on-call Bob Hope impersonator available 24/7, and an article from USA Today on morbidly obese people.
Manson just wants some Haribo gummy bears … to share with the “bald toothless hooker” he requested.
Katy Perry’s rider is the same length as an e-book, and includes a designated staff member to wash and cut her produce, which is to be stored in a refrigerator with a glass door, in her tour bus that contains two cream-colored egg chairs, one of which has an ottoman that coordinates with it. Oh, and no one on staff is allowed to talk to her.
Who would’ve thought that all this angsty rapper would want on his more recent trip to perform in Ireland would be a full koi pond?
8) Mary J. Blige
Toilet seat protectors are not enough of a cautionary measure for Mary J. Blige, who requests a new toilet seat be installed onto every toilet she uses in every city she visits while on tour.