Man Adds Flamethrower To Wheelchair

Man Attached Flamethrower to Automated Wheelchair

Every wheelchair needs the basics: a comfortable chair, two wheels and a flamethrower that can spit out a 35-foot flame. Wait…what?

Lance Greathouse of Phoenix, AZ spent a month and about $1,000 on this contraption. He wanted to build something that allowed wheelchair users to express more personality. Looks like he accomplished that goal.

Greathouse calls this fire-spewing beast “The Lord Humongous.” The customized chair is made up of pieces from an electric golf cart, a helicopter seat, all terrain tires and old dental machines.

While wheelchairs are his passion, Greathouse has a day job as a dental equipment engineer. His interests in unique wheelchair design was sparked by an appearance on the BBC2 show “Robot Wars.” Greathouse has been able to donate some of his more interesting wheelchair designs and hopes to continue to do so in the future.