Mispronunciation Costs Poor Guy a Chance at Winning a Million Dollars

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Loses $1 Million After Mispronouncing Answer

Have we learned nothing about game show rules in the past couple months? Before a single word comes out of your mouth, you better be damn sure you’re not going to screw it up. This guy dressed like Pee Wee Herman on “Wheel of Fortune” learned that the hard way.

After snagging the coveted $1 million card, he over-confidently decided to solve the very obvious puzzle. To his dismay, his slight mispronunciation cost him a shot at the huge prize as he watched his hopes and dreams slip through his fingers. Luckily, Pat Sajak was there to show him no sympathy.

It’s probably safe to assume that from now on, Mr. Bow Tie is going to take another moment or two before he speaks.

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