Women Think Men Are Only Good For Killing Spiders, BBQing and Drinking

Survey Says Men Are Mostly Useless

Dear men: women think you are worthless. Unless they need someone to get hammered at a family function. They think you’re real good at that.

According to a survey of 1,000 adults, 73 percent of women think men are capable of changing a tire. 60 percent of them think you’re good for getting rid of spiders and 56 percent think you’re good at BBQing. After that, it gets ugly.

Only 10 percent of women think men are capable of ironing a shirt properly. And only 4 percent think you can dance. (Alcohol was clearly not served during this survey.)

Speaking of alcohol, the survey found that women think men drink too much at family get-togethers.

On the flip side, 100 percent of men are positive that dress does not make you look fat, honey.

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