Exclusive Preview | ‘Green Arrow’ # 6

Few books have benefited more from DC Rebirth than Green Arrow, which has found new life and a revitalized main character under the pen of Benjamin Percy and artist Juan Ferreyra. They’ve reunited Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance a.k.a. for the first time in years, and all it took was Oliver’s apparent death!

 You can blame Oliver’s sister, Thea Emiko for that one. Alongside her mother, Shado, Emiko left Oliver for dead while the Ninth Circle destroyed his good name and seized his fortune. But as revealed last issue, Emiko’s treachery was not what it seemed. Only by appearing to kill her brother did she have the means to save his life and bring John Diggle back to the fold as well. Saving Oliver meant betraying her mother, but Shado didn’t walk away from the devastation empty-handed! Now Emiko will learn first hand what her mother’s agenda truly is.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview of Green Arrow # 6, we find Emiko still in the custody of Shado, who hints that she has more secrets before the issue rolls back the clock with a flashback to Emiko’s early days as Oliver’s crime-fighting partner! 

For this issue, Percy is joined by artist and colorist Stephen Byrne. Here’s what DC had to say about the issue:

“‘SINS OF THE MOTHER’! Following the shocking events with the Ninth Circle, Green Arrow’s wayward sister/sidekick Emiko travels to Japan on a quest to destroy the crime lords who control her mother, Shado, the assassin who murdered Oliver Queen.”

Green Arrow # 6 will be released on Wednesday, September 7 in comic stores everywhere. And if you don’t want a physical copy, DC is also selling it digitally as well.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics


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