Music Festival | POTUS Hosts South By South Lawn

Photo: Leigh Vogel (Getty Images)

President Obama throwing a music festival titled “South By South Lawn” sounds like a headline on The Onion, but it’s realer than universal healthcare with a date already set for Oct. 3.

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Perhaps inspired by the real South By Southwest, which POTUS and First Lady Michelle Obama were keynote speakers at earlier this year, South by South Lawn will feature artists with a positive impact on their community and will include film and interactive portions. 

Although the artist lineup hasn’t been announced (Malia Obama is gonna put in a good word for Cashmere Cat), expect some big names as POTUS is a serious music-phile with some great taste having had Beyonce sing at his 2013 Inauguration, hosted a 4th of July BBQ featuring performances by Kendrick Lamar and recently releasing not one, but two Spotify playlists that shows he know’s what’s up. Check them out below.