All 17 Tragically Hip Albums Land On Canadian Billboard Charts

Every single one of the Tragically Hip’s 17 albums have landed on the Canadian Billboard charts, with their hitmaker Fully Completely taking the top spot at number eight.

Their most recent project, Man Machine Poem, also found a spot on the list. The surge in record sales follows the band’s final tour, where The Hip’s last show was played in lead singer Gord Downie’s hometown of Kingston, ON. It was broadcast live on CBC, and more than 150 public screenings of the event were announced, not to mention that one in three Canadians tuned in to watch the incredible performance, where Downie truly gave it his all, fully, completely.

Meanwhile, a superfan who was suffering from the same type of terminal brain cancer as Downie also died over the weekend. She had been at one of the Tragically Hip’s final shows on their Man Machine Poem tour. Her partner wrote on Facebook (as reported by CTV News): “After five straight days of the hardest fight, that only a true champion’s heart could muster, Jo finally left us. She was surrounded by incredible love, but as Jo inspired such beauty (and ridiculousness) in those around her, that seemed to always be the case.”