This is What the PS4 Neo Will Probably Look Like

The PS4 Neo is set to be unveiled by Sony in September, though over the past couple of days a number of solid rumors have begun circulating which have helped to establish what the new console may look like.

Over on the forums of Chinese site, someone claiming to be an employee of electronics manufacturer Foxconn posted a doodle of what they claimed was the PS4 Neo. Considering that Foxconn has previously been responsible for the development of both the PlayStation 3 and 4, employees of the company would presumably be in the know when it came to the PS4 Neo’s design, with this particular individual’s claims being made more credible by his previous sketch of a smaller, thinner PS4 last week that was later revealed to be the PS4 Slim.

Here’s the user’s doodle of the PS4 Neo:


NeoGAF user Peter Segura then created 3D renders of this sketch, which you can view below:


The alleged Foxconn employee also posted some written information regarding the console, as translated by NeoGAF user inner-G. The employee reported that the console’s power button is located below the middle layer of the three-tier console rather than above, while its breathing lights have been moved to the position below the middle layer. It’ll reportedly weigh 4.5kg and will be available in white, with there being no confirmation as to whether it’ll also be available in black like the basic PS4 and the PS4 Slim.

The PlayStation Meeting will take place on September 7 and will be live streamed by Sony. The company is also set to officially announce the PS4 Slim, despite the unreleased console having already made its way to eBay and Gumtree.