Watch Marvel’s Hilarious Mini-Mockumentary About Thor’s Aussie Gap Year

Marvel just can’t seem to stop kicking goals, and while DC tries in vain to build the same hype around its own cinematic universe, Marvel continues to execute the MCU in style.

Case-in-point – a number of Marvel fans cried foul when Captain America: Civil War came out earlier this year. The film featured Iron Man and Captain America, but not everyone’s favorite Chris Hemsworth-portrayed Avenger Thor.

Now, while in Australia filming the latest Thor film Thor: Ragnarok, Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi put together a side-splittingly hilarious short mockumentary explaining that the Norse god was simply taking a gap year.

“I needed some me time, so I came to Australia,” explains Thor in the clip (below), before going on to explain that he’s moved in with a normal Aussie bloke name Daryl because he wanted to be around “average everyday people”.

The rest of the clip documents how Thor tries to get involved with the local community and struggles with not being invited to the fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

21st Century technology was never Thor’s strong suit, and when he meets up with Bruce Banner (aka. The Hulk) to hang out, he bemoans not having a phone and asks Bruce let Tony Stark know that if he wants to get in contact he need only send a raven.

Watch the hilarious clip below.