NBC Developing Modern Noah’s Ark TV Series From Robert Zemeckis

Noah’s Ark is docking at NBC, but it’s definitely not the story that you remember!

Deadline is reporting that NBC has picked up The Ark for development, which modernizes the Biblical tale of Noah by placing it in the modern day as an engineer gets a vision to build a ship capable of sustaining life in space just as the world appears to be heading towards the end. 

So, it’s basically Noah’s Ark as a spaceship. The description at Deadline doesn’t mention if the lead character has a family, but it notes that his wife has passed away. But listen, if humanity is jetting off into space with all of the animals of the world, can we leave the insects behind this time?

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Daniel Kunka wrote the script for The Ark, which was one of the few network TV script sales this summer. Robert Zemeckis’ production company, ImageMovers is producing the series with 20th Century Fox TV for NBC. Zemeckis has perhaps one of the strongest lineup of hit films of any director short of Steven Spielberg. But even Spielberg has occasionally produced some mediocre TV series. And to be honest, The Ark doesn’t sound like a very good idea. 

Now, execution is everything. And even the stupidest sounding high-concept can work with the right creative team. NBC doesn’t have a great track record with genre dramas (remember Revolution?), but we’d love to be proven wrong. There is also some question as to whether audiences even want another iteration of Noah’s Ark. Back in 2014, Darren Aronofsky’s lavish Noah feature film with Russell Crowe in the title role was a modest box office hit, but not the hot crossover blockbuster that the studio may have been hoping for. Only time will tell how The Ark is received by viewers if it makes it out of NBC’s development process.

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Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures