Exclusive Preview | ‘Howard the Duck’ # 10

After 30 years, Lea Thompson and Howard the Duck are back together! But not in the way you might expect.

In the real world, Thompson was the best thing about the Howard the Duck movie, in which she played his love interest, Bev. The Marvel Universe’s Thompson recently approached Howard for help figuring out why she’s been missing significant periods of time from her memory and why she’s so drawn to the Duck trapped in a world he never made. 

Thanks to Howard and his best assistant, Tara, we now know that Mojo is to blame for Thompson’s troubles, and Howard’s too! Mojo has been using Howard’s adventurous life as reality TV fodder, and now the Duck himself is trapped in the Mojoverse with Mojo’s hands wrapped around his throat.

In Crave Online’s exclusive preview for Howard the Duck # 10, writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Joe Quinones put Howard on the offensive. But first, he has to save Tara’s life…and his own.

Howard the Duck 10 page 1Howard the Duck 10 page 2Howard the Duck 10 page 3Howard the Duck 10 cover

Here’s Marvel’s solicitation text for this issue:

“The person behind all of Howard’s troubles is revealed! Who could it be? Is it Spider-Man? Wolverine? Thor? Ms. Marvel? Am I just mentioning these characters on the off chance that some retailers will just skim the catalogue looking for character names and will accidentally order this?

Who knows???”

Howard the Duck # 10 will be released on Wednesday, August 31 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Marvel Comics.