One Crazy Summer | The Best Movies of Summer 2016

We’ve said it already, and we’ll say it again: Summer 2016 basically sucked. It was a non-stop cavalcade of non-starters, packed from start to finish with disappointing sequels and reboots and franchise cash-ins. But that doesn’t mean it was all bad. In fact, it only made the handful of truly excellent films we actually did get this summer seem all the more miraculous.

But man oh man, were they a random assortment. Only a couple of genuinely great, high-profile blockbusters poked their heads up this season, while a lot of wonderful, audience-friendly flicks completely failed to find an audience. Fortunately for all of us, an eccentric assortment of indies filled in the gaps. There was something for everyone in Summer 2016, but only if you knew where to look, and only if you paid more attention to word of mouth than to the marketing.

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So let’s finish the season off on a positive note, and highlight the best movies the summer had to offer. Big and small, funny and terrifying, all of these films made our hottest months more bearable this year. The time has come to give our thanks.

The 10 Best Movies of Summer 2016:

Top Photo: Broad Green Pictures / Marvel Studios / Amazon Studios