10 Ways No Man’s Sky is Different From Its Pre-Release Trailers

We’ve now spent a week with No Man’s Sky and suffice to say it isn’t the game we were expecting. Though there are quite a few things to like about Hello Games’ space exploration and survival sim, it really pales in comparison to what we were expecting after years of build-up and excitement.

However, while there is an argument to support us having collectively allowed our imaginations to run wild, it isn’t as though our hopes that the game would provide us with a sci-fi universe of infinite opportunity wasn’t encouraged by its marketing. Since the game’s release many have pointed towards a discrepancy between the finished product and what had been promised to us by its pre-release footage, causing a great deal of controversy among those who have been left disappointed by what the game has to offer.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the 10 ways No Man’s Sky is different from its pre-release trailers:

Top Image Credit: Reddit \ ch00d