Usain Bolt Is So Fast He’s Become A Smiling Meme

This morning Australian time, Usain Bolt became the first person in history to win three consecutive 100 metre finals at the Olympic Games. Already holding the World Record and Olympic Record, Bolt is indisputably the fastest man in the world. He’s also become known for getting so far ahead of his opponents that he is often able to visibly slow down before the finish and still win comfortably.

Although the final at Rio 2016 this morning was not one of those occasions, Getty Images photographer Cameron Spencer captured one the final few metres of Bolt’s semi-final as the runner looked to the side with what looks like a cheeky grin on his face.

The photo pretty much epitomises everything about Bolt’s ability and charisma, and the internet has jumped on the photo and promptly turned Usain Bolt into a meme.

Check out some of the best of the best, below.

Feature Image: Getty Images / Cameron Spencer