‘Futurama’s’ Billy West Reads Donald Trump Quotes as Zapp Brannigan

Donald Trump may be down in the polls for now, but there are a few months until election day and a lot can change before then. Trump still has a legitimate shot at becoming the next President of the United States, and that is a terrifying prospect for many people. Fortunately, Futurama‘s Billy West has just the thing to take your mind off the gravity of the situation and put off your move to Canada!

 Via Splitsider, West has been posting several brief messages on Twitter in which he reads classic and recent quotes by Trump in the voice of Zapp Brannigan, one of several characters that West portrayed on Futurama. In the series, Brannigan was a starship captain who was an incredible narcissist and an arrogant blowhard. Sound like anyone we know? West keeps posting additional quotes, and he doesn’t appear to be done with this yet! Here’s a few of our favorites:

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I don’t think we’re gonna get tired of these any time soon. Keep checking Billy West’s Twitter account for more quotes, and let’s #MakeAmericaBrannigan!

Photo Credits: 20th Century Fox TV