Kanye West Had A Meeting With Donald Trump Today At Trump Tower

Kanye West


George Bush didn’t care about black people. Apparently Donald Trump does. So Kanye West just walked into Trump Tower today to meet with Trump and so Trump could have a photographic evidence of him standing next to a black person the youth of today enjoy. God help us all.

Kanye West just marched into Trump Tower for a face-to-face with the President-elect. TMZ has learned Kanye will have a 15 minute sit-down with Donald Trump Tuesday morning. Kanye requested the meeting, and Trump agreed … according to our sources. Still unclear exactly what they’ll cover in the meeting. Inauguration? Cabinet post? Anything goes with these two.


I’m not going to speculate what happened in that meeting, but I’m not sure what exactly got done when you have two people talking about themselves for 15 minutes and doing that thing where they’re nodding and pretending to listen until they can talk about themselves again. Or maybe they solved the Aleppo crisis. Whose to say?