No Man’s Sky Player Makes Heartwarming Tribute to Their Late Mom

A No Man’s Sky player has made a heartwarming tribute to their late mother, naming a planet after her in the game.

Posting on the No Man’s Sky subreddit, Redditor Cantelo told the forum how he had decided to leave a tribute to his mom in the new game, with her having passed away last month. This led to the creation of the Monica Goebel Memorial Planet, which you can see below:


No Man’s Sky grants players the ability to rename any planets they discover while on their adventures, along with the lifeforms they encounter on them. Developer Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray revealed some of the early names that had been given to planets prior to its official launch, which included the likes of “Poopland” and “Harambe 3.” 

Cantelo’s decision to name his starting planet after his mom is certainly more touching than “Poopland,” and he said that the subreddit’s reaction to his post has cheered him up. “The response has been very healing,” he wrote. No Man’s Sky features an expansive world with over a quintillion of planets to explore, so it’s highly unlikely that another player will stumble onto Cantelo’s world. However, it still remains in No Man’s Sky universe, with one user commenting that “no other planet” will be the same as his mother’s.