Discovery’s Original Canadian Hit Series Highway Thru Hell Returns September 13

The heroes of the highway are back as they fight to keep some of the most economically important, travelled, and inhospitable trucking routes in North America open during Season 5 of Highway Thru Hell. A Top 3 series on Discovery and Top 10 series on all of entertainment specialty television in Canada last season, the original Canadian hit series returns for its milestone fifth edition, premiering Tuesday, September 13th at 10pm on Discovery.

The 13-episode season follows the men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue as Davis faces the biggest changes and challenges in his life: downsizing his Alberta operation as a result of the economic downturn and returning to his B.C. mountain base roots. But before Season 5 gets underway, viewers can get primed with a special Highway Thru Hell episode, recapping the previous four seasons and featuring scenes from the new season on Tuesday, September 6th at 8pm on Discovery.

Subscribers can access live streaming of Highway Thru Hell through the Discovery GO app, catch up on Seasons 2-4 on demand on the Discovery GO app and, and Season 1 on CraveTV.

During the fifth season of Discovery’s Highway Thru Hell, viewers are treated to an exclusive first look at the all-new original Canadian series Heavy Rescue: 401. Also produced by Great Pacific TV and coming Winter 2017, Heavy Rescue: 401 focuses on the unique challenges and intensity of heavy rescue along Ontario’s 400 series of highways. Details of the sneak peek and complete winter season schedule will be announced at a later date.

Photo: Highway Thru Hell/Discovery Canada