Here’s A Handy Father’s Day DVD Shopping Guide, According To Your Dad’s Personality Type

So here we are again with Father’s Day creeping up, and here you are again totally stumped about what to buy your old man.

Mum’s top recommendations (as always) include new socks or a fresh packet of men’s hankies, but somehow those gift ideas just don’t seem to cut the mustard the way they did back when you were in year 4.

And sure, Dad said he liked last year’s Bunnings gift voucher, but wouldn’t it be nice to get him something a little more personal this year? Something that shows you’ve really put some time and effort in to thinking about what sort of prezzie just might make his Father’s Day?

Well luckily, you don’t need to pop a blood vessel trying to brainstorm the perfect solution because we’ve gone and done it for you with this handy DVD shopping guide.

Using science, we’ve determined which brand-spanking new flicks and TV shows, as well as some classics, your Pops will dig the most, based on his personality type.

So just who is dad and what does he want?

Find out below.

Dad Type: The Big Kid

Father’s Day Gift Solution: Bad Neighbours 2 – Sorority Rising

This dad is a goofball. He’s younger (or at least young at heart) and likes to think he’s still hip to those crazy jives. In fact he’s been known to drop words like “hip” and “crazy jives” into daily conversation to prove on an ongoing basis that he’s cooler than your average dad.


This Larrikin Larry also likes to gross you out by telling awkward sex jokes and uncomfortable tales about his R-Rated shenanigans “back when he was your age”, making Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising the perfect touché move.

Not only will your old man find this Rotten Tomatoes-certified gross-out comedy sequel  – which chronicles a couple’s hellish battle against new nextdoor neighbours who turn out to be a debaucherous college sorority – rip-snortingly hilarious, he’ll also respect you for finally managing to one-up him in the LOL stakes.

He’ll also likely side with the movie’s college-age characters, despite being pretty much the IRL equivalent of its main star, Seth Rogen.

NB: Side-effects of this gift include putting up with your dad quoting the most cringe-worthy parts of the movie for months to come.

Father’s Day Gift Alternative: The Office – Complete Boxset

If your old man is more a television watcher than a movie buff though, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, with The Office – Complete Boxset. Bound to keep him busy for hours and hours (and give him much better material to quote at you in the ensuing weeks) this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Dad Type: The Older Man

Father’s Day Gift Solution: Dad’s Army

This dad is older, possibly a bit out-of-touch with modern culture but DNGAF. He’d rather spend his time talking about how people did things back in “the good old days” than worrying about understanding how things work in 2016.

He’s a bit of a fuddy duddy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of humour. Maybe he loves to have a laugh, or maybe he’s just in desperate need of a good one, courtesy of something suited to his slightly more – shall we say – senior comedic sensibilities.


Enter Dad’s Army, a film set at the close of WWII, which stars a cast of some of Britain’s finest veteran actors, including Bill Nighy, Toby Jones, Tom Courtenay and Michael Gambon.

Documenting the exploits of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon as they deal with the arrival of an attractive female journalist (Catharine Zeta-Jones) and a potential German spy in their midst, this feelgood flick has been made with the intention of tickling the collective funny bone of the fogy generation. The title says it all.

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