Pokémon’s Magikarp Has Taken To Twitter To Slam The Haters

Based off both the original game and the original television series; it’s a pretty well-known fact that Magikarp is just about the weakest Pokémon that you can catch. 

Its only attack is Splash – which as anyone who’s played the game knows does literally zero damage to an opponent, that is until you can level it up high enough to evolve into the insanely powerful Gyarados.

The rise of Pokémon GO over the last month or so has once again shone the spotlight on Magikarp; the little red fish has once again become the butt of “Pokéjokes” around the world. But apparently, Magikarp has had enough of being joked about, taking to Twitter to hit back at the haters and stand up for itself.

In Pokémon GO one of the key ways to obtain Pokémon is by walking to hatch eggs, and the whole Magikarp Twitter saga started when someone tweeted: “Imagine walking 2km to hatch an egg and it turning out to be a fucking Magikarp.”

@Magikarp_Fish responded brutally; “imagine waiting nine months to give birth and it’s you.”

It only escalated from there, and at the time of writing Magikarp’s unofficial Twitter account had almost 4,000 followers. Check out some of the best of its tweets below.