‘No Man’s Sky’ Completed in 30 Hours By Guy Who Received Leaked Copy

No Man’s Sky is reportedly able to be completed in 30 hours, according to a Reddit user who received a leaked copy of the game.

Redditor Daymeeuhn, who allegedly spent $1,200 on getting his hands on a copy of the game prior to its official release, has been detailing his experiences with it over on the unofficial No Man’s Sky subreddit. Having posted (now deleted) gameplay footage of the game to Dailymotion, it seems that his claims of owning an early copy of it are legitimate, though his impressions of the game haven’t been as enthusiastic as many would have hoped. 

Among a selection of complaints he leveled at No Man’s Sky – including an imbalanced in-game economy and the lack of upgrades that can be made to your ships – he also claimed that he had managed to journey to the center of its universe within 30 hours. Though No Man’s Sky doesn’t have a concrete ending given that it’s a procedurally generated game which players can explore until their heart’s content, the center of the universe is basically its key objective, with developer Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray claiming it would take 40 – 100 hours to reach it depending upon the skill level player. 


But Daymeeuhn claimed that he managed to shave 10 hours off this predicted time as a result of farming valuable resources, with a specific location in No Man’s Sky‘s universe allowing players to stack Atlas Stones, an expensive item that sells for vastly more money than anything else players can get their hands on in the game. This has led to many complaints from those looking forward to the game, who are already expressing their disappointment at its length.

We’ve yet to get our hands on a copy of No Man’s Sky, so we cannot confirm if Daymeeuhn’s claim is correct. With that being said, considering the game is an open world space exploration sim, this doesn’t mean that its end credits will roll at the 30-hour mark. You’ll still be able to carry on exploring its quintillions of planets, and you needn’t make your way to the center of the universe until you’re good and ready.