‘The Simpsons’ Weigh in on The 2016 Presidential Race

16 years ago, The Simpsons inadvertently predicted Donald Trump’s political ascension in a flash-forward episode that depicted him as the President. But anyone who thought that the Simpsons would ever support Trump for President clearly haven’t been watching the show! 

Back in the ’90s, President George Bush infamously called out the Simpsons for their perceived lack of family values, and the show hit back with an episode directly mocking Bush and his post-Presidential years. They even depicted some of the series most despicable characters as Republicans. President Bill Clinton was also mocked on the show, but perhaps not to the same extent. 

Now, the producers of The Simpsons have released a new animated short in which Homer and Marge make their decision in the 2016 Presidential race. Most of the video focuses on Donald Trump ignoring the infamous 3am emergency call in the White House, which was based on a political attack ad that Clinton’s surrogates used against Barack Obama in 2008. Hilary is mostly unscathed in this clip, although she apparently sleeps in her pantsuit.

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Of course, for anyone who isn’t exactly satisfied with the choice between Clinton and Trump, there is another video from The Simpsons’ past which seems oddly appropriate. Remember The Simpsons Halloween special from 1996? In one of the segments from that episode, the aliens Kang and Kodos replaced Bob Dole and Bill Clinton ahead of the election.

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Photo Credit: Fox