Exclusive | ‘Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York’ # 1 Cover

The ’80s gave us many things, but that decade did not give us the ultimate John Carpenter crossover in which Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton teamed up with Russell’s Snake Plissken to bring some Big Trouble to New York! Fortunately, we live in 2016, and Boom! Studios has made this incredible dream a reality!

Writer Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk) and artist Daniel Bayliss are teaming up to thrust Ol’ Jack Burton into the dystopian future of 1997 in Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York, a six-issue miniseries that has all of the mayhem and insanity of a Carpenter film without any budget limitations! Anything that Pak can dream up, Bayliss can make a reality!

CraveOnline is proud to exclusively unveil artist Oliver Barrett’s movie incentive cover for Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York # 1, which looks like the cinematic meeting of the titans that we’ve been waiting three decades for!

BOOM Big Trouble In Little China Escape From NewYork 01 F Movie Poster

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We should be learning more about this project at Comic-Con next week. In the meantime, here’s Boom! Studios’ description for Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York # 1:

“It’s the mother of all crossovers as Jack Burton and Snake Plissken meet for the first time ever anywhere! Done with director John Carpenter’s complete blessing, witness this melee of the mullets as two cult classic characters made famous by actor Kurt Russell crossover in an improbable adventure.

As lightning cascades around Jack and his good ol’ Pork-Chop Express, he finds himself transported and driving through the horrors of what seems to be the dystopian future of…Escape from New York. Snake Plissken catches wind of Jack and goes on the hunt to find who is trying to steal his identity. Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime, with Jack and Snake rumblin’ down the streets of a dystopian future to find what craziness caused Jack to jump through worlds.”

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Photo Credit: Boom! Studios