Lindsey Vonn Embarrasses J.J. Watt With Groin Joke At ESPYs

Hannah Storm interviewed celebs and athletes on the red carpet prefacing Wednesday night’s ESPYs. The highlight of the night? A hand-job joke from Lindsey Vonn.

Storm asked Texans star J.J. Watt about how he persevered through injuries. The Defensive Player of the Year’s response? “I have a very good training staff and great teammates.” 

Innocuous enough … Until Vonn chimes in, “And lots of massages in the groin area.”


The jab was certainly over this tweet from last season. I’m also assuming Watt and Vonn are officially a ‘thing.’ Either way this was pure entertainment. I only wish I could hear what Vonn continues to say as Storm declares, “live television,” and “reel it back in girl.”

The look on Watt’s face is priceless. Let’s look at the progression:

The “is she really saying this right now??” look.

The “oh, she’s just being silly, right?” look

The “thanks for humiliating me on live-television” look.

And, finally, the “I’m going to get back at you later” look.

Vonn should be the red carpet host next year. Done deal.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. Follow him on Twitter here.