Exclusive Preview | ‘Civil War II: Gods of War’ # 2

Once Hercules was the greatest hero of myth and legend. But in the Age of Marvels, Hercules is a bit of a joke among his modern brethren. He may be a God among men, but he’s no Thor! That’s a perception that Hercules wants to change.

Now there’s a second Civil War brewing among the superhero community, and Hercules is sitting this one out for a very good reason. A new threat has emerged: The Uprising Storm. These are the new, modern Gods that have very murderous intentions towards Herc and the Gods of old. Unfortunately, Hercules has been branded by these evil Gods, as part of a plan to turn him into one of their own.

Will the Son of Zeus cower in the face of that fate? “I say thee, Nay!” That’s more of a Thor line, but we’re gonna go with it! Instead, Hercules has assembled the Gods of War, his friends, and comrades from across the centuries. Theseus, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and others whom you’ve probably heard of before. But they’re not exactly in peak condition…

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Civil War II: Gods of War # 2, Herc’s war plans take a hit when his allies can’t stop bickering with each other. And that’s the kind of chaos that the Uprising Storm can use against them.

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Writer Dan Abnett and artist Emilio Laiso are the primary creative team on this miniseries, with covers by Jay Anacleto
and Elizabeth Torque. Here’s Marvel’s description of this issue:

“A new Civil War is ripping through the Marvel Universe, but HERCULES has got problems of his own. There’s a threat that only he knows about, and all the heroes he knows are too busy to lend a hand.

Time to get out his address book and call in some much older friends…ancient heroes of myth who will come to his aid. Introducing the mighty, mythological GODS OF WAR!”

Civil War II: Gods of War # 2 will be released on Wednesday, July 13.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics