Bret Hart Pissed Off at WWE 2K16 For Rating Him Lower Than Triple H

Bret Hart is more than a little sore at the video game WWE 2K16, with The Hitman launching into a rant on his podcast about how its developers had given him a lower stat rating than Triple H, saying: “Triple H “isn’t fit to lace up my fucking boots.” 

The former WWE Superstar, known for referring to himself as “the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be,” had a big issue with the rating given to him by 2K in the latest WWE game. Speaking on The Sharpshooter Podcast, he said:

“I have some discrepancies with the game a little bit. I went to a thing last Fall when the latest 2K game was coming out. They were telling me how I’m an 85 or something like that and Triple H is a 98. I remember I was like, “Why would he be a 98?” And they go, “Well because he’s the boss and we have to suck up to the boss.” I dunno, he was laughing about it. It kind of pissed me off. I thought, “I don’t care how many titles Triple H wins. He could never lace my f*cking boots up. Period.”

Bret then proceeded to turn the knife into Triple H a little bit more, adding: “He was a very good, medium, mediocre wrestler. He never blew me away with anything that he’s ever done. He’s never come up with much. He’s always been a very decent wrestler that could give you a good match. As far as being like mind blowing… I never saw it. I’ve still never seen it.”

He then explained how he believed ratings in 2K’s wrestling games should be distributed, concluding: “There are certain guys where you put these video games out and I don’t care. I think you have to do justice to the wrestlers as they were in their careers. It should be based on reality. Not things like who you know in the office. Vince could make him 35-time World Champion and it doesn’t mean he’s 35 times better than everyone else that ever wrestled. He’s just not. As far as the games go I think they should be honest.”

Though Bret claims that he’s rated 85 and Triple H is rated 98, in actuality, his rating in WWE 2K16 is 90 while Triple H’s is rated 91. John Cena is the highest rated WWE Superstar in the game, with a rating of 95.

Thanks to r/SquaredCircle for the tip.