360° Video | Macy Gray Live at the Saban Theater

When Macy Gray’s debut album On How Life Is dropped in 1999, eventually selling over three million copies on the strength of heartbreak anthem “I Try,” even her idiosyncratic vocals and the skewed poetry of her lyrics didn’t fully prepare fans for the depth of her talent. She’s insanely underrated as a songwriter, a wordsmith whose wordplay is clever, often drolly dark, and full of both biting wit and irony-free vulnerability.

Her discography – a stroll through indie-pop, hip-hop, retro-disco grooves, funk, and old-school R&B – is one of the most underrated of the last twenty years. But in addition to her own songs, she has a sharp ear for left-of-center songs across genre, as she proved on her criminally overlooked album Covers, where she put her own spin on Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown,” Sublime’s “Two Joints,” and Eurythmics’ “Here Comes the Rain Again,” among others.

Now, about to drop her first jazz album (which is fitting, given that she’s always been a jazz artist at her core), Macy’s about to hit the road to give fans a taste of the new album while reminding them how deep her trove of music really is. Her live show has always been an unpredictable ride – none of the canned performances of standard pop divas – and along with her top-notch backing band she always delivers a high energy set.

Don’t believe us? Check out our exclusive 360° Video of her recent performance at the Saban Theater:

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Tour info can be found here, but these are the scheduled concert dates so far:

 07/07 – New York, NY @ City Winery- New York

07/08 – New York, NY @ City Winery- New York

07/10 – Chicago, IL @ City Winery- Chicago

07/11 – Chicago, IL @ City Winery- Chicago


07/16 – Nashville, TN @ City Winery– Nashville

07/18 – Atlanta, GA @ City Winery– Atlanta

07/19 – Atlanta, GA @ City Winery– Atlanta