New Music | Listen To Trent Reznor’s Spacey New Song

Photo: Andrew Chin (Getty Images).

Waking up to a new Trent Reznor song is music to the ears of Nine Inch Nails fans who have been thirsting for new tunes since the mercurial singer/songwriter tweeted out that a new NIN’s album was coming in 2016 along with “other stuff.” Making good on his promise (at least for the latter), the atmospheric and chilling “Juno,”celebrates NASA’s upcoming Juno Mission on July 4th, whose mission is to plunge into uncharted territory by entering orbit around the gas giant and passing closer than any spacecraft before.

The eight minute plus track (currently only available to stream or download on iTunes, which he worked on with frequent right-hand man Atticus Ross, whom he won an Oscar with), is similar in tone with their recent soundtrack collaborations (Gone Girl, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Social Network). Cinematic in scope and filled with spacey ambient sounds that give it a Kubrick-esque feel and features actual recordings of Jupiter singing, which haters might say is easier on the ears than Reznor’s trademark angst-ridden wails.