Bryan Cranston Cast To Play Power Rangers’ Effervescent Leader Zordon

This Power Rangers movie we are all fairly cautious about is slowly but surely coming together. Now with the costumes done and dusted, they’re on the hunt for undeniable talent to reprise all the vivid performances from the Might Morphin’ franchise and who better to play the floating head of Zordon than Goddamn Bryan Cranston.

Cranston, who we welcomed into our homes as Malcolm’s ne’re do well father only to let him stay as one of the biggest producers of Meth North America has ever seen, broke the news himself taking to Twitter to express his excitement. 

Zordon, who’s role in the series would be to send the Power Rangers on their missions and also introduce them to the newest members of the time, is essential to the Mighty Morphin’ story line which the film is set to follow. 

Elizabeth Banks has been cast as arch nemesis Rita Repulsa. Banks, who appeared in costume during her announcement, also seems fairly stoked to clash antlers with Cranston: A true clash of the titans. 

It’s hard to get the visual out of my head of Zordon actually being Malcolm’s dad who got his head stuck in an energy tube but hopefully, the films creators find a way around that. 

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