Australian Ninja Warrior Confirmed For 2017

For a number of years now, we’ve sat back and watched other nations as they tried and failed to conquer the Ninja Warrior course only to mutter “Pfft, I could probably do that.” Well, now it’s time to back up all that shit-talking as Australian Ninja Warrior is a thing and has been confirmed today.

Don’t stress, though. It won’t be happening until 2017 so you have at least 12 months to beef up and work on that hand/eye coordination. There will even be time to put together some sort of DIY “floating steps” set up as that madness like that will take some practice.

The show will be calling Channel 9 home, with the channel’s head of content, production and development Adrian Swift revealing “It’s the biggest and most impossible course in the world that will be tackled by everyday Australians who think they’re fit, fast, nimble or hard enough to get to the finish.”

As the story goes, according to Mamamia, Ninja Warrior started off in Japan in 1997 as Sasuke. Since then it’s spread throughout 12 different territories.

As per the below tweet, casting is happening now! So, bros, why are you even still here?

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