Exclusive Preview | ‘Doctor Strange’ # 9

In the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe, things were looking up for Doctor Strange. But the good times are over in “The Last Days of Magic,” the newest storyline by writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo!

The alien Empirikul have come to Earth on a quest to wipe out magic forever, and they’ve very nearly succeeded! Doctor Strange has been stripped of his power and forced to flee from his Sanctum Sanctorum, and the age of magic as we know it appears to be finished.

However, the good doctor isn’t about to give up without a fight. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Doctor Strange # 9, Stephen Strange takes some very drastic steps to claim some of the remaining magic in this world. And that means a very unconventional reunion with his late mentor, the Ancient One! And as Strange faces his darkest hours, he seems willing to kill the Empirikul in order to halt their rampage. How far will he go to stop them? Pretty damn far. 

Meanwhile, the Empirikul discover something unsettling in the remains of Strange’s home, something that may even threaten them…or potentially something they can use against Strange.

Here’s Marvel’s description for Doctor Strange # 9:

“THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC continues! Stripped of all of his magic, Stephen Strange scours the globe for any weapon he can use against the Empirikul.”

Doctor Strange # 9 will be released on Wednesday, June 22.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics


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