Big Brother Canada Stars Round Out The 10 Teams For Season 4 Of The Amazing Race Canada

Throughout the week, CTV has been releasing information on contestants who will be competing in Season 4 of the highly-anticipated reality show The Amazing Race Canada. Exes Jillian and Emmett, who appeared on Big Brother Canada, will be racing around the world with teams of players who are family member, business partners, best friends, twins, and couples.

The ten teams who have been chosen to compete in The Amazing Race Canada include:

Joel Ground and Ashley Callingbull – Father/Daughter;
Anthony Limbombe and Brandon Campeau – Best Friends;
Rita Yakibonge and Yvette Yakibonge – Twin Sisters;
Steph Leclair and Kristin Mckenzie – Dating Couple;
Julie Taylor and Lowell Taylor – Married Couple;
Anne Morrone and Tanya Muzzatti – Friends;
Stéphane Tétreault and Antoine Tétreault – Father/Son;
Kelly Xu and Kate Pan – Business Partners;
Frankie Gassler and Amy Gassler – Mother/Daughter;
Jillian Maclaughlin and Emmett Blois – Exes

The Amazing Race Canada is hosted by Jon Montgomery and will premiere June 28th at 8pm on CTV.