Have You Already Missed Some of the Best Movies of 2016?

The year is only half over, but according to the box office figures, you probably haven’t seen a LOT of movies in 2016. A handful of big hits make up the majority of the tickets sold over the last six months, and while some of those movies are pretty darned good (I got nothin’ against The Jungle Book or Deadpool or Captain America: Civil War), there are a ton of truly great or at least extremely underrated flicks that haven’t found an audience yet.

And that’s where this comes in. We’ve watched a heck of a lot of movies already here at Crave, and although it’s WAY too early to declare any of them “the best movies of 2016,” were are very comfortable declare these 16 films “the best movies of 2016 that you’ve already missed.” Unless you’ve seen them of course. In which case, good for you! You’re a rock star champion who deserves a room full of gold coins.

The rest of you, take note: 2016 is already a pretty danged good year for films. A lot of these movies are going to be in contention for our final list of the best movies of 2016 at the end of the year. (Whether or not they make it depends on how good the second half of the year turns out to be.)

So head on out to the multiplex, or check ’em out on home video if they’re already available legally, and take heart! There’s a lot of great cinema out there. Maybe you just missed it.

The Best Movies of 2016 That You’ve Already Missed:

Top Photo: Paramount Pictures

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