Marvel Teases All-New Female Wolverine

Female Wolverine

Earlier this week, Marvel announced that an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe will be launching this fall with brand new series across the board. And with that initiative comes a new Hulk, a new Spider-Man and a new Wolverine.

While it’s currently unclear who the new Hulk will be or whether the new Spider-Man will be someone other than Miles Morales, we now know who the new Wolverine is. Marvel itself has confirmed her identity in the recently released teaser image by artist David Marquez. As you can see above, it’s X-23 who has apparently stepped up as Marvel’s new Wolverine.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with comics, X-23 aka Laura Kinney is the female clone of James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine. After some initial weirdness between them, Logan accepted Laura as his surrogate daughter. It makes sense that she’d wear one of his old costumes as a tribute, but it would look better without the mask.

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Wolverine was killed off by Marvel last year, but judging by Old Man Logan (to the right X-23 in the above pic), it looks like at least one version of Wolverine will be sticking around after Secret Wars is over.

The entire image of Marvel’s second All-New, All-Different teaser can be seen below.


All-New-All, Different Marvel 2

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In the image, we see Doctor Spectrum, Citizen V, Thing, Rocket Raccoon, Karnak, Hyperion, Iron Man, Medusa, Daredevil, Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange, as well as the previously mentioned X-23 and Old Man Logan.

Some things worth noting about the image include Daredevil’s new costume, the Thing and Rocket Raccoon as teammates on the Guardians of the Galaxy (they’re wearing the same uniform), the return of Citizen V from the Thunderbolts, and the battle axe in the hands of Doctor Strange.

It looks like there are some interesting explanations coming this fall, when All-New, All-Different Marvel launches over the course of three to four months with 55-60 titles starting over from issue 1.

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