This Plastic Bag Can Be All Yours For The Reasonable Price Of $600

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I don’t understand fashion. Well, check that. I understand it as much as skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Converse, because that’s usually what I wear, and I will convince a woman who is crazy enough to marry me to let wear that on our wedding day. With that said, while I may not know a ton about fashion, I do know that you would have to be insane to pay $600 for a plastic bag. That or be Kim Kardashian.

A French brand named Céline has made the decision to start selling a see-through “shopper bag” — also known as any plastic bag you can get from any supermarket out there. Oh, but it’s fancier, I think.

Take a look at this “fancy” bag.

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That literally looks like something you can find in that huge bag where you store all your other plastic bags under the sink. Making its first appearance on a Paris catwalk last fall, the bag will now be up for purchase at the Céline x Nordstrom pop-up in downtown Seattle through May 29. So if you’re in Seattle and you want to impress your friends by showing off a plastic bag, feel free to buy yourself one.

Until then, check out what Twitter thinks about this bag:

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