Aston Martin to Sing the RapidE Electric with New Model

I sing the body electric.” – Walt Whitman

I’d give up my left (CENSORED) to drive the RapidE Electric!” – Walt’s less poetic gearhead brother, Earl Whitman

When I’m calling you, oo-oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo, will you answer, too?” – Slim Whitman (No relation.)

No matter what Whitman you prefer, there’s no arguing that there was once a time when even the notion of an alternative fuel vehicle in the line would’ve been banished from the realm of Aston Martin thinking faster than the possibility of eating drive thru Arby’s in the driver’s seat of a DB9. But, times change – and Aston Martin doesn’t want anyone else to do non-petrol performance rides better than them.

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So, Aston Martin will jump into the all-electric car game with the new RapidE, their first fully alternative fuel performance. Based on the current Rapide AMR, only 155 RapidE cars will be produced in time for 2019 delivery.


The RapidE debuted as a concept car more than a year ago. Now that it’s full speed ahead, the car will be the standard bearer for the automaker’s low emission (…zero emission in this case…) projects moving into the future. Designed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, the resulting four-door sports car will resemble a Rapide S. But, the wonderful six liter V12 engine will give way to an electric powertrain.


Now, the question is how the new car’s name should be pronounced. You could just say RapidE (“rah-PEED”) the way you utter the name of the car it’s based on, the Rapide (also, “rah-PEED”). But, that solution is confusing and doesn’t differentiate the two cars on its own. I suggest we embrace the “E” on the end and go with “rah-PEED-y,” as in the rhyming “speedy RapidE.” I’m sure the minds behind Aston Martin will love that.

Then again, I might be putting too much time into the naming issue and not enough time actually driving what promises to be an impressive electric machine.