How to Deal with Ear Hair

Photo: agrobacter (Getty Images)

One of the “perks” of being a real man is having lots of hair in lots of places, some desirable, others not so much. While having thick and strong hair on your head and your chest can be quite a turn on for the opposite sex, nose hair and ear hair really isn’t. Unfortunately for some of us, we don’t get to choose where the hairs grow and it gets even worse as we get older, with the hairs appearing in the most incredible of places. Now, unless you’re planning a sex change, your only option of dealing with these pesky hairs is some form of shaving, trimming or plucking. Don’t worry, though, we’ll guide you through this troublesome process, step by step.



The first method you should consider is plucking. This means taking out a pair of tweezers and getting rid of the hairs, one by one. Because of the placement of the ears (what a phrase, huh?) you’ll have to get a couple of mirrors first and set the angles right so that you can look inside the earlobe with ease and pluck away. Of course, you won’t need more than two mirrors, but make sure one of them is a magnifying one. You will also need a small flashlight because the inside of the ear can be quite dark if you didn’t know. Almost all smartphones have the option of a flashlight; if not you can just download one of many flashlight apps. Keep in mind, though, that this technique is only doable if you don’t have many hairs and just want to tidy up. Anything else would be quite tiresome.


There are special trimmers on the market designed exactly for trimming the nose and ear hairs. They are practical to use and offer a fairly clean shave, although they might set you back anywhere from $10 to as much as $200 if you’re into quality products. You might think that there’s no actual reason to spend that much on a simple trimmer, and you might be right, but be aware that you’re dealing with fairly delicate body parts and wouldn’t want any accidents to happen due to faulty machines. If possible, go for a slightly more famous brand and that’s it. As it is the case with all other shaving products, you need to clean them daily and keep them from rusting to get the best service.


Another option you could try involves waxing. Now, as you may know, waxing is a somewhat painful process that quickly gets rid of a number of hairs, but at a price. The forceful pulling that happens during the waxing can damage the inside of your ear and cause problems a lot bigger than a couple of hairs. Besides that, for it to work, you would need to pour hot wax into your ear that can reach your inner ear and cause irreparable damage. All in all, we don’t recommend this technique as it carries far too many risks with it, but if you’re set on doing it, make sure you do it with extreme care. When applying wax, use a short, stick and remember to tilt your ear downwards to prevent the wax from making its way deeper into the ear. If anything gets out of hand, wash the ear quickly and call your doctor.


These are basically the three of the most effective ways you can get rid of your ear hair. You could also try thinning down the thick hairs in your ear with a couple of small scissors, but it’s not too effective. All of this being said, sometimes it’s good to leave some hair in as it does have a purpose, you know. Like it is with your nose, these tiny hairs prevent dust and various other particles from entering your ear and disrupting your hearing. Let us know what your favorite method is in the comment section below.