Spotlight | Recalling the Wonderful Whimsy of Mike McNairy New Amsterdam

Make no mistake, Mike McNairy is not brand new. The line that carries his namesake was founded nearly a decade ago, but well before that McNairy was making a statement in the industry. Lending his talents, and mastering his trade, meant impressive posts at J.Press, Southwick, Woolrich Woolen Mills and Bass, in addition to collaborations with Adidas, Crescent Down Works and New Era.

In 2008, McNairy ventured out on his own and founded Mike McNairy New Amsterdam, a collection of menswear and footwear with a nod to sartorial history. Even with this new collection, you can see the impressive traditional tailoring skills that have garnered this designer so many professional accolades.

When looking at the line-up, and considering a purchase, pay special attention to the production processes and where it all happens. While we cannot imagine the cost of producing clothing in NYC, that’s exactly where much of the magic for Mike McNairy New Amsterdam takes place, in addition to small factories across the USA.

All images courtesy of Mike McNairy New Amsterdam.