Spotlight | Wood Wood – Archive 01 Collection

Founded by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen in 2002, Wood Wood is a lifestyle brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark, available in three brick-and-mortar stores and via one pretty impressive digital presence. As a celebration of 15 years in business, they’re going back to the drawing board and revisiting fan favorites.

Archive 01 Collection is the re-release of the best pieces from the past. a curated collection of products that have been ahead of the curve. Consider for example the wide popularity of bomber jackets right now. Well, Wood Wood released an utterly stylish iteration way back in the day for Spring/Summer 2009. It was called the Trevor Jacket, has a subtle dip dye at the shoulders, and was highly covetable.

Whatever your pick from this eclectic streetwear collection, we just have one recommendation: get it now and get it fast. These collector items already sold out once, and its highly likely it will happen again.

All images courtesy of Wood Wood.