Karlie Kloss And Taylor Swift Aren’t Friends Anymore Because Of Tom Hiddleston

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What was once slumber party scissoring and herbal tea, has turned petty for once-friends Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. It was all Tom Hiddleston’s fault. Wait no, it was Taylor Swift’s psychosis.  Star Magazine reports: (via Cele|bitchy)

Another day, another squad member who’s ditched Taylor Swift. Once joined at the hip, Taylor and Karlie Kloss have fallen out, and it’s all because of Taylor’s embarrassing fauxmance with Tom Hiddleston. “Karlie actually warned Taylor that it was a bad, distasteful idea,” snitches a mutual friend. “Taylor slipped out and accused Karlie of being jealous, and they haven’t really spoken since.” Indeed, Karlie isn’t up for talking to – or about – her ex pal. She went so far as to cancel an Australian interview that had planned to ask about their friendship because “she didn’t have anything nice to say,” explains the source. “Things between them were never balanced: it was always Taylor calling the shots. Eventually Karlie was going to get tired of being her little minion.”

Even if this isn’t remotely true, it feels true, because Taylor Swift seems like the kind of chick who would scream, “YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS!” to friend she’s had for years if that friend points out an issue with her new dick. Milo kinda seems that way too.