This Picture Was Photoshopped To Hell. Sorry, Ladies



The only way women can support a supermodel is if she looks gross in some way, so when this “untouched” picture from Cindy Crawford‘s shoot for Marie Claire Mexico hit online last month, women the world over were calling her a hero and an inspiration. Because, well, if Cindy Crawford can look like a failed experiement, they can feel better about themselves. But as it turns out, she’s suing everybody.

Cindy Crawford‘s stock in trade is her body and now her people are out for blood, claiming the person who posted this pic (above) severely altered it to make her look bad.  The lawyer for Cindy’s photographer fired off a letter — obtained by TMZ — threatening everyone who posted the pic with a lawsuit if they didn’t take it down and apologize. The lawyer says the original pic was stolen and then doctored to make her midsection look haggard.  The lawyer included a statement from the famous photog, who says he took the pic for Marie Claire Mexico and someone stole it from him and Photoshopped it.  The letter apparently worked … some media outlets are already complying.

Cindy Crawford’s husband posted this pic on Instagram the day after, so I’m sorry if that boost of self-esteem you got died a quick death as soon as you got it. Stop eating so much Chipotle. That might help.