Julia Roberts Half-Sister Died Of A Drug Overdose

Julia Roberts Half-Sister



I don't think this counts towards the Celebrity Rule of Three, so Bieber is still in play here.  New York Daily News reports:

Julia Roberts' half-sister was found dead Sunday in a bathtub at a Los Angeles home where she had been pet-sitting, and authorities discovered evidence of drug use. Nancy Motes, 37, long struggled with being overweight, and had a rocky relationship with her Academy Award-winning sister, who canceled a scheduled appearance Monday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” due to the tragedy. Authorities were called to the Los Angeles home about 2 p.m. Sunday after Motes’ body was found by her fiancé John Dilbeck, a film and TV locations manager whom she was due to marry in May, a law enforcement source told the Daily News. The source added that investigators suspect a drug overdose, but that testing is needed to determine a cause of death.

She obviously didn't really care that much for Julia Roberts, which makes sense, because every single one of my friends in LA has a Julia Roberts story and none of them are good. They also have a Charlize Theron story, and again, none of them are good. Turns out most women are huge bitches. Who knew? Also, drugs are bad.