Brittney Palmer Is New Here

I have no idea what a UFC ring girl does, but combined with a shitty father and no parental guidance, you can make the cover of Playboy then show up in this dress then be on this site for the first time. So here’s Brittney Palmer. Hopefully she reads this post and it changes her perception of celebrity gossip bloggers. I pay my mother rent, I don’t live there for free. I also stopped using Proactive, like what? Two months ago? I think she also know that. Oh yeah, I’m also head of my neighborhood watch. One time a guy left his trash can on the curb the whole day after the pickup date. One time I saw a fox and I blew my whistle. Pretty dangerous. But Brittney, I ain’t in the hood with my toast out loc’n. I’m in the telly workin’ up a sweat strokin’. Tonight’s the night, you can fall in love. You can call your mama right now, tell her you met a thug.