Diddy Is Banging Cameron Diaz

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Lay off the Ciroc, nigga (wait, I can say “nigga”, right? I’m a minority, we’re all friends here. Hey, down with whitey and other minority things like that!). People reports:

Nearly a month after they were spotted together at lunch, Cameron Diaz and Diddy are keeping those dating rumors alive after a cozy night out at New York’s PH-D Rooftop Lounge atop the Dream Downtown Hotel. The actress started her night at Marble Lane Restaurant with a large group of friends before heading up to the roof after midnight. Diddy joined their table around 1:15, and ordered bottles of booze for the table, where Diaz was dancing with her friends and drinking, too. According to a source, the table was packed and “Cameron and Diddy were very affectionate.” Still, a rep says the two, who left the club with their friends around 3:15 a.m., are not an item.

“Lounge” and “bottles of booze” are really the only things that can explain this other than Diddy casting for his new show Making The Zombie, because Cameron Diaz looks like she belongs in a 2nd grade reading list book luring children into her gingerbread house.