Ashton Kutcher’s Strange Is Slutty, Has A Sex Tape

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I realize it’s hard to imagine that a chick who would fuck a married man would be a drunk, gold digging slut who makes sex tapes, but the world is a strange place, my friends. RadarOnline reports:

Brittney Jones shot the steamy video with an ex-boyfriend who revealed to that the two engaged in various sex acts, all while he recorded it on his cell phone. “She was definitely into it,” Jones’ ex — and the film’s co-star — admitted to “We were together at the time so we made short little clips of us having sex in various positions.”…The former lovebirds dated on-and-off for a year before splitting about six months ago when Brittney “cheated on me”, he said. “She definitely is a hard partier and always drank a lot,” said one source, who knows her. According to the confidante, Jones has been “couch surfing” from house to house, living and seemingly leaching off the various men in her life. “She seems to have had a falling out with her mom and sister and just lives off of her boyfriends,” the source said. While Kutcher has denied he cheated on Moore, his wife of five years, those close to Jones believe the explosive revelations are true. Said one friend: “She once told me he [Kutcher] was by far the number one celebrity she’d like to have sex with.”

You really have to feel bad for Ashton at this point. You think you make a connection with someone after they discreetly slip you their number in a bowling alley so your wife won’t see then you find out she’s a whore. When asked for comment, Demi Moore took a tennis ball off her walker and threw it at Ashton’s head.