Britney Spears is Very Smart

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Hey, you remember not too long ago when the possibility of Britney Spears being tasered and dragged to a padded room by a stick collar because she tried to fight an oncoming bus with a toy lightsaber was very real? Yeah, during that time she was hanging out with stalker Sam Lutfi and dating a paparazzo named Adnan Ghalib. Boy, it sure is a good thing her dad took control of her life so she couldn’t contact them anymore. Or not. People reports:

So when the 27-year-old pop star managed to get a prepaid cell phone recently, her security team confiscated it from her purse while she was at a dance practice. Confronted, she revealed the phone was given to her by someone during a hotel stay. And that person, she disclosed, got it from two men whom her father wants to keep permanently in the singer’s troubled past: ex-manager Sam Lutfi and former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Jamie Spears described the cellular phone incident in testimony Monday in a Los Angeles court as he sought to maintain a restraining order against Lutfi, whom Jamie has claimed harassed Britney and has sought to undermine Jamie’s legal control over her life.

My god, this hillbilly is dumb. Can’t we just blindfold her and leave her in the woods somewhere? I mean, that’s humane. My ex-girlfriend told the police she learned a lot about herself during the experience.

It’s hairy day!