Britney Spears is Still Retarded

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The Los Angeles court has ordered Britney Spears to pay her father, Jamie Spears, a salary of $10,000 a month (he only applied for $3,500) after he quit his private catering job to serve as her co-conservator. After two years of constant public meltdowns and erratic behavior, Jamie Spears has kept Britney relatively low-key while he quietly tries to rebuild her career. The Sun says:

The court papers said: “As a result of the responsibilities Mr. Spears has assumed as Temporary Conservator of the Person and Temporary Co-Conservator of the Estate, he has been unable to continue his prior employment and thus no longer has the source of income he previously had in order to pay his expenses and bills.”

$10,000? That’s it? This dude should be paid in virgins and sunken treasure, because what he’s been able to do is nothing short of a miracle. Not even five months ago Britney Spears was kidnapping her kids and making sex tapes in Mexico. Now she has a recurring role on a television show and is vacationing in a tropical paradise with Mel Gibson. If Jamie Spears asked to shoot me in the head, I’d probably be cool with it, because I’d fully expect him to be able to bring me back to life.

Britney (back from Costa Rica) with George Maloof at Il Sole last night: