Emma Watson Has a Boyfriend

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Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson, is now reportedly dating Razorlight frontman, Johnny Borrell, after the pair were seen together all over London recently. Oh yeah, I know, I wouldn’t care either except for the fact that she’s 17 and he’s 27. And appears to really, really like heroin. I hate to get ahead of myself, but I think these crazy kids might have something special! The Sun says:

Emma, 17 – whose character Hermione Granger romances fellow film wizard Ron Weasley – spent a night partying with the Razorlight frontman, 27. They later left together in a taxi. Borrell has a history of drink and drug abuse, and once said he was a “smackhead at 16”. A source said: “She seemed really happy. She’s a Razorlight fan and was star-struck.”

It’s unclear why the frontman of a seemingly popular band would want to date a chick who puts puffy stickers on her notebooks, but then you realize that this dude was dumped by Kirsten Dunst last year. Kirsten. Dunst. I guess high school girls would be the way to go after that. They’re easy to impress. All it involves is having your own car and a hotel room key. A hotel room is like the high school girl Disneyland.